Nhạc chuông Zara Larsson – Only You

Nhạc chuông Only You

'Cause I can't love nobody like I love myself
Like I love myself
Only you, eh
No one's ever touched me like I touch myself
No, nobody else
Only you, only you
Only you
I feel you in my fingers
And even in my toes
Steam up on the mirror
And on the windows
Baby, that was it
Wish it would never end
I just wanna do it, do it again
Yeah-eh-eh, eh eh eh
I can smell your smell so sweet
On my pillow, on my sheets
Yeah, I wanna keep it like that
Keep on sleeping like that, yeah
Baby, you'll be hard to beat
What I have is yours to keep
Yeah, I never wanted so bad
Best that I ever had
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