Nhạc chuông Kygo & Ellie Goulding – First Time

Nhạc chuông First Time

Getting drunk on a train track
Way back, when we tried our first cigarettes (oh)
Ten dollars was a fat stack
I'd do it all again (oh)
Bomber jacket and a snapback
Your dad's black Honda was a Maybach (oh)
"Re: Stacks" on the playback
I'd do it all again (oh)
We were lovers on a wild ride
Speeding for the finish line
Come until the end of our time, yeah
Started off as a wildfire
Burning down the bridges to our empire
Our love was something they could admire, yeah, yeah
We were high and we were sober
We were under, we were over
We were young and now I'm older
But I'd do it all again
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